Qingdao Phoenix Import and Export Co., Ltd.
Job Offers 
1. Recruitment position: cashier
2. Qualifications:
1. There is no restriction on men and women;
2. College degree or above, accounting-related major, junior and above titles;
3. Familiar with relevant knowledge of financial enterprise policies and regulations;
4. Those with more than two years of work experience are preferred;
5. Proficiency in operating office software and financial related software;
3. Treatment:
1. Weekly weekends;
2. After the one-month probation period is over, sign a labor contract, pay five social insurances and one housing fund, and negotiate the salary;
Work address: Yongye Building, No. 166 Haier Road, Laoshan District
Contact: Cui Zhenwen
Contact number: 0532-84661327
Qingdao Phoenix Import and Export Co., Ltd.
April 2021

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